Slide001flipchartFacilitators empower groups. A neutral facilitator challenges  assumptions and helps groups find important new insights. Outside facilitators ask the difficult questions that lead to innovation. Facilitation leads to success.

Certified ToP Facilitators (CTF) use ToP methods to lead public consultations, conferences, strategic planning, task forces, projects and programs in diverse fields and professions. ToP Facilitators can be found around the world in every field of endeavour.

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ToP facilitators empower groups by engaging them in participatory methods with high engagement and input that leads to commitment and ownership of decisions.

LadderThe Ladder of Participation clarifies client expectations. It allows a facilitator to direct discussion and decisions in the most appropriate way in any facilitated session.

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oridonlyThe FCM is the most versatile of all ToP methods and can create breakthroughs in even the toughest of situations.  It has extremely broad applications for all types of work: facilitation, coaching, communications, psychology, training, planning, conflict resolution and much more. More information

Slide004cwmThe Consensus Workshop Methods generates an actual consensus with which the group can move forward. It is very powerful for complex situations in which no one has a simple answer. It has very broad application and is a core ToP method. More information.


Slide005steps Use STEPS Session Plan when writing up and planning any type of facilitated intervention to result in a much better meeting or event. STEPS covers the major structural components of any meeting or facilitated event. It can be used alone by a facilitator, or by a small group planning a facilitated event for a larger group.


Slide006vict Use the Victory Circle when a group has a idea of a goal, but it is not very concrete because there are different expressions of the goals. The outcome is a measurable and time bound description of goal or accomplishment that the whole group is committed to. This is especially useful when input is required to ensure commitment to a specific outcome that the group with build together.


Slide007rolemap Use Role Mindmap when a group needs to quickly get a grasp of its own role and there are many perspectives on that role. While not generating a conclusion, it scopes out many dimensions that might normally be overlooked. This visual tool can be used with any size group, as long as they can see the mind map develop. Takes 5 min to 20 min.
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