At least 10 approaches are supported by and are compatible with ToP Methods. All tools and methods are consistent with positive values and philosophhy.

  1. Development: 40 years of on-the-ground community development work has developed many ToP® methods.
  2. Facilitation: ToP® is a founding pioneer in the field of facilitation. The ToP Facilitation Essentials Program prepares you for IAF CPF assessment.
  3. Technology of Participation: These are a special set of facilitation methods that are required for ToP Certification.
  4. Planning: Almost all group planning is accelerated by ToP which also increases commitment to implementation.
  5. Education: ToP’s powerful imaginal education process creates curriculum and courses in schools, universities and many professions.
  6. Design: ToP tools and methods are easily integrated and designed into long term interventions for large and small groups.
  7. Systems: ToP mental models assess, diagnose and leverage complex social and organizational systems and lead to innovation.
  8. Leadership: ToP grows leadership capacity by practice and reflection and through personal self-image work.
  9. Transformation: ToP transforms organizations by mapping the change journey in practical and personal terms and shifts fear into courage.
  10. Values: ToP converts organizational values into organizational behaviours, while it promotes its own set of empowering participatory values.