In today’s world everyone can be a leader and needs to be, within one’s own field of endeavour. Even the term leadership is up for reexamination. ToP helps people grow into increased levels of responsibility by showing how to work well in any group setting and how to keep everyone engaged and committed.

Case studies

core, involved, supportive, aware

Building a Framework of Support allows a group to move ahead with implementation with the knowledge that poeple can be turned into allies in the initiative.


Full Puzzle Visioning gets all the pieces of the puzzle, the full thinking of every individual and stakeholder into the mix to create a comprehensive, practical and compelling picture of the future, in other words a vision of the future that everyone created together, can see and can therefore be committed to.

This can be done in three hours if all stakeholders are together, or can spread out over several weeks, if stakeholders must be engaged at a distance through focus groups, or online participation.


Levels of Discernment gives a leader ways of safely discussing seven progressively deeper causes of inertia and an entire group the possibility of discerning the “elephant in the room” or the “real situation” that has been blocking them from moving ahead. It drills down to create real breakthroughs for groups, and allows a leader to convert disenchantment and apathy into motivation.

Allow at least three hours for this tool.

Cross Gestalt Strategies allows a leader to find a consensus solution from among many potential solutions and opportunities, by looking for patterns across vertical lists of possibilities. It engages a group in high level of thinking and patterning and generates motivation.

This can be done in a workshop setting in 2-3 hours.


Team Actions Goals aligns all the activities of a team into a powerful visual of goals and actions that participants are ready to be accountable for. This is a leader’s best way to empower a group to launch into action and take initiative.

Allow 2 hours for a small team, or a full day for a large complex team with a lot of deliverables.


4-in-1 Reporting takes the general drudgery of team reporting and turns into into an empowering and interesting continuous improvement opportunity. Using this regularly begins to change the culture of a team.

Allow 30 minutes to an hour for this reporting.

ToP books on leadership include The Facilitative Way by Priscilla Wilson, Harnish and Wright, The Courage to Lead by R. Brian Stanfield and Government Works by James Troxel.