Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitator Research

ICA International General Assembly ToP Workgroup

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A  working group at the ICA International General Assembly in November 2008 considered ToP. The notes and the graphic below are  the results of the working group.


Resolution 7. National Reps Formulate a strategy for the further development of the ToP network. – UNANIMOUS
ToP Work Group at General Assembly
- •Bill, Kevin, Nino, Selina, Vijay, Joseph
“There are many ToP trainers and facilitators around the world. Some trainers have formed ToP networks generally by country. Facilitators are not as organized, but there are some. Networks include:
• ToP Trainers Network in USA
• Australia ToP Faculty
• ICA Associates Inc.
• ICA Taiwan
• LENS international
• ICA in the UK
There are others.
ToP meta-network Purpose
• Develop ensure branding for different domains eg health, com dev, private etc
• Research innovations in facil and training
• Connect marketing efforts globally
• Ensure standards

ToP  meta-network Mechanism
• Support methods innovation
• Support curriculum development
• Support capacity development in ICA and in networks
• Help manage training for new ICAs
• Manage “Opt-In” finance or royalty mechanism

Immediate Research Topics
• Analyze existing network finance mechanisms
• Collect current curriculum designs/manuals
• Catalogue effective facilitation procedures, proposals, sanitized reports
• Continue ToP Facilitator - Trainer count
• Continue Logo dialogue

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