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 A ToP Certification group worked since 2003 to develop certification competencies and an assessment process which is currently being used by several ICAs and ToP networks.


Cheryl Kartes, April 19, 2009
Marilyn Oyler has hosted some meetings at past IAF conferences for dialogue regarding the Certification of facilitators using ICA/ToP methodology. This year, I've been asked to convene a meeting so that we might continue the dialogue and build consensus on what the Certification is called and perhaps a logo we would all use. At the Toronto IAF 2000, there was an agreement to use the same Facilitator Competencies globally as we certify facilitators in each country. We agreed that the course work and process to become certified did not have to be the same.  ICA Canada/Associates developed a certification process that has been adapted for use in the United States, and perhaps elsewhere. A driver for THIS meeting is the desire of some in our USA Certification track to have "international" clearly in the name of the certification, since it is not yet widely known in ot her circles that ToP already is international.

Ann Epps: April 19, 2009
This has long been subject of vital interest to me.  We just certified 5 Singaporean facilitators as CTF's using the same competencies as US and Canada.

Larry Philbrook: April 19, 2009
In Taiwan we have been operating the Facilitation Certification Program since 2001 and have graduated  over 30 people.  The certificate says that the individual has graduated from the ICA Taiwan ToP Certification program and documents their participation.  We have used the ToP Competencies as the basis for our work.  The program consists of 12.5 days of training, Monthly Team Practice sessions in which each individual presents at least once during their journey, 6-8 personal mentoring sessions, 2-3 monitored sessions with feedback. We are in the process of redesigning this program partly in light of the fact that IAF and  the CTF now exist.  We have not decided whether we will launch the CTF in Taiwan. We use the ToP or ICA logo on all applicable materials both for the FCP and in any other programs we do.  ICA Taiwan has done extensive ToP training across China and Hong Kong as well as some facilitator training both in-house and public events in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey.

Martin Galbraith: April  19, 2009
ICA:UK is not certifying facilitators yet but I have had it in mind for some time so I would be glad to have the chance talk about it.  Having just taken the IAF certifcation myself last year what I am keen to understand is how does/should ICA's ToP facilitator certification relate to IAF's (generic) facilitator certification, given that (as far as I am aware) many of the competences are the same.

Ray and Elaine Richmond: April 19, 2009
Since I know you are probably already in Vancouver, I’ll make a quick response from the ToP Faculty in OZ (Australia, that is)
 1.  We conducted our 1st ToP Certification event in May 2008 with 6 people gaining certification.
 2. After some very productive discussion we decided to use the post nominals CToPF for Certified ToP Facilitator.  We did this because CTF didn’t say anything that signified ToP and we wanted the post nominals to be as much a part of the overall image/profile/PR/marketing effort as they could be.
 3. We have essentially used the guidelines and facilitator competencies as Canada and USA.  We have added one item to the ToP Competencies because of the emphasis we put on underlying dynamics in our training. We have also 'reorganised and renumbered' the competencies chart to reflect the centrality of the ToP competancies.  (an old ICA trick in making charts). [Use of ToP Methods is the middle column of a three column chart.]

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