ToP Usage Survey

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The ToP Usage Survey is designed to determine and quantify the breadth of the useage of ToP methods around the world. The survey has five questions. 

The aggregated information from the over 50  ToP facilitators who took the survey has helped quantify the total use of ToP facilitation.

The results, based on the 50 people who completed the survey, are available online, below.

See the survey results now.

Thanks to the following facilitators who took the survey.

William Staples, Canada
Larry Philbrook, Taiwan
Ethan Mings, Canada
David Warren, United Kingdom
Teresa Sosa, France
George Okantey, United States
Jouwert van Geene, Netherlands
Pablo Villoch, Chile
Carol Hallyn, United States
John Cornwell, Kenya
Ximena Combariza, Colombia
MA. Antonina Ortega, Philippines
Gabriel Pardi, Argentina
Enrique Gomez, Spain
Terry Minnen, United States
Margaret Porter, United States
Beverly Scow, United States
Ricardo Morado, Mexico
Deb Burnight, United States
Liz Allen Fey, United States
Jonathan Bucki, United States
Marti Roach, United States
Marcos Cajina, Spain
Susan Fertig-Dykes, United States
Amparo Mantilla, Colombia
Romelia Escamilla, United States
Carol Gregory, United States
Alberto Bracagioli, Brazil
Kathy McGrane, United States
George Packard, United States
Erness Wright-Irvin, United States
Nancy Fastenau, United States
Gary Forbes, United States
Linda, United States
Alice Skenandore, United States
James Wiegel, United States
William Taylor, United States
Marilyn Crocker, United States
Sheila LeGeros, United States
Laura Hsu, Taiwan
James Wiegel, United States
Elaine Stover, United States
Jane Stallman, United States
Wayne Nelson, Canada
F. Nelson Stover, United States
Fred Simons, Canada
Jon Jenkins, Netherlands
Helen Wythe, Canada
Beatrice Briggs, Mexico
Janet Sanders, Canada
Cynthia Lau, Singapore
Lynda Baker, United States

Thanks for taking the survey!!