Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitator Research

Taiwan Meeting Results - August 2009

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Report of the Global ToP R&D Group, Taipei Aug. 23-25, 2009

See results of a survey about the outcomes of the Global ToP meeting in Taipei.


Kevin Balm, Larry Philbrook, Bill Staples decided to convene this gathering focused on ToP at the global level.  Invitations to attend were broadly extended through several networks.  The meeting was hosted by ICA Taiwan.

The agenda came from the Japan conference and from email input from a dozen others.  On the first day we created a comprehensive screen based on that data (see triangle on page 3).  Over the three days we reviewed work being done in the locations present at the meeting.


  1. Training curriculum/ facilitation methods

  2. Innovations

  3. Online technology


  1. ToP/ ICA relations

  2. Business model/ finance model

  3. Journey


  1. Marketing / Logo

  2. Certification/ Standards

  3. ID/ Branding Impact

The output below represents our consensus in Taipei and we have stated our best understanding of the global consensus on how to move forward with expanding, accelerating and deepening the impact of ToP around the world.

After 3 days of conversation framed by the 9 elements in the triangle, the following tasks emerged and are intended as starting points for action that we feel are necessary.  We are specifically asking you to add your input and to feel free to join the conversation at forums or online. 

We are aware that there are committees in ToP networks already formed in some of these arenas; these actions are intended to respect and include the work they are doing.  Individuals may also be working on these arenas and we request that they share their work so that our understanding continues to grow.  

This note is going out to the 24 people who either attended or asked specifically to be included plus the global ToP listserv, the US ToP Listserv, the ICA GA list and the Facilitator List on a ToP Research website. If anyone was missed please include them with our apologies.

 By January 2010 we would hope to move into specific implementation based on the final agreements. 

Please include your thoughts and work on the wiki

With respect,

Kevin Balm (from Australia/Thailand), David Buwalda (Singapore/Canada), Ann Epps (Malaysia), John Epps, Evelyn Philbrook (Taiwan), Larry Philbrook, Mark Pixley (China), Bill Staples (Canada), Sunny Walker (USA), Dick West (Taiwan), Gail West.


This dialogue is about ToP trainers and ToP facilitators and all existing ToP networks for the purpose of expanding, accelerating and deepening the impact of ToP around the world.

-      Taking all the current top networks and communities to a new and more consistent level of awareness. 

-      Expanding the ToP community of practice

The HOW:

  1. Design and implement a campaign to Accelerate CToPF / CTF

  2. Creating or intensifying ToP Network formation in countries with little or no current ToP presence.  The new in this about sharing up front to get support for these efforts and in building teams beyond a location.

  3. ICA Capacity building in ToP

  4. Promote depth in style & stance & spirit beneath ToP which includes sharing what has been created and creating what new that is needed.

  5. Develop and experiment with interchange mechanisms on existing courses beyond construct like trainers/participant manuals plus practical, rational & experiential aim; like showing up at ToP Trainer Networks meetings.

  6. Continue the ToP branding & marketing conversation to support the global ToP public face this includes logo, website and materials towards a resolution within a year

  7. The emerging Global ToP Trainers Network:  Each network and / or ICA is asked to supply names of those willing to be listed for global network?   We are making the assumption that the GTTN are moving toward CToPF if not there already.

  8. We want people to dialogue with the suggested rational framework for organizing the palette of courses we have now and in the future. The rational framework for organizing and design programs of  courses is :

·           youth as facilitative leader

·           facilitator

·           facilitative leader

·           facilitative community development practitioner

·           facilitative public consultation practioners

·           learning facilitators (trainers/educators)

·           project/tqm managers / reengineering

·           team leaders