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Several ToP logos are in use around the world. Logos have been developed from the Winning Through Participation Book, in ICA USA, and in the Australia ToP Network.
From Cheryl Kartes: April 19, 2009
A major driver is the desire to build an international marketing image for that certification, with all countries using the same logo. Yes, we know the ToP arrows-into-the-center-"flower" image used in the United States is not used or necessarily liked elsewhere. What is an image that would serve as an effective logo that all would be willing to use? We also know that for various reasons, not all countries call it "ToP".  So if we were all going to use the same Certification name, what would it be?  Currently, the ICA-USA is using "Certified ToP Facilitator" or "CTF". Your creativity and your input is valued and needed. What is an idea that came up for you?

Larry Philbrook: April 19, 2009
We use the ToP or ICA logo on all applicable materials both for the FCP and in any other programs we do.  

Ray and Elaine Richmond: April 19, 2009
As to Logo… we have our own logo for the ToP training and leadership program here, which was done some years ago.  The swirl came from our work with Spiral Dynamics and and unfolding journey through training and practice with 3 strands of assessment, mentoring and projects.

Sherwood Shankland: April 20, 2009
We are a global mosaic with a few common threads – and given the fact that “the cattle are out of the barn” (various logo’s and by lines are being used world-wide) the task of finding a new set of commonly used images is difficult.  As a starting point, perhaps we can identify a few common threads that will communicate consistently to new people. Re-branding ToP world-wide with common graphics is possibility, but a much more difficult task to get all of us to agree on…your thoughts? For example the ToP trademark itself with the lowercase ‘o’ seems to be common and the Criteria for Assessment are very close…as you have mentioned.  

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