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Countries with no ICA are open to any ToP Trainer and even to non-ToP Trainers to bring ToP to the country. This has and can create confusion for Trainees, since there will appear to be no one definitive ToP version, among other confusions.

Sometimes companies and organizations will bring a ToP Trainer to the country for in-house training. This makes it easy for those ToP Trainers since logistics and recruitment is handled by the sponsor. If this is the only model for ToP training in the country, it is unlikely that there will every be any Public Courses or training, since Public Courses require infrastructure that companies and organizations see no advantage in developing, and that ToP Trainers find expensive.

This page will explore the development of a model for ToP Public Courses in countries with no statutory ICA which could guide the journey of trainees.

This could be used by several countries.

Principles for Public Courses in a non-ICA Country- beginning brainstorm (staples)

1. We are working toward an ICA in that country. [this could mean having local individuals as advisors if NGO is not a possibility]

2. At least two ICAs (better with 3) work together to ensure comprehensive perspective and diversity of thought.

3. ToP Trainers going into the country put money from income in trust for that nations use.

4. Materials be translated and consistent to avoid confusion.

5. ToP Trainers from all countries are welcome and needed.

6. Sustainable training support systems should be created, for tracking purposes at least.

7. Three-to- five years plans are needed.

8. National/local development takes priority over ToP Trainer business.

9. Some income from ToP Training should go to some ICA or ICAI.